2013: My Year in Review!

So a lot happened this year and I have much to be thankful for! I’ll do my best to put them in chronological order:

On January 23rd we started off the year having our first child! Kylie has been a real joy to us ever since. Becoming a dad is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

Around February I finished a lot of work on my truck: lots of suspension work, some rust repair, an alignment, upgraded to disc brakes, new steering wheel, side mirrors, etc. I took it to a car show in the summer but really haven’t done much with it since. I just enjoy driving it! Here’s a link to some pictures.

Sadly, Dom Mancuso, a good friend of mine passed away March 17th. He fought brain cancer hard till the end. A bunch of mutual friends got together to remember him and we cruised to the funeral. He was an avid car enthusiast an entrepreneur who will never be forgotten. RIP.


In the beginning of June, we moved into a new house that better fits us. We are making it into our home and slowing knocking off a long list of renovations! Most notable so far are tilling/seeding the entire yard, epoxying the garage floor and upgrading the workshop area, slowly replacing old brass hardware/locks throughout the house, and starting to paint the basement.


On June 14th, my sister Amy got married to DJ. I had the privilege to sing in their wedding. I am proud of both of you, love you guys!


On September 6th our church hosted an event with Charlie Hall to celebrate 5 years as a church plant. I had the privilege to lead our worship team in some songs to open the concert. Link to previous post and pictures here.

In October I received a promotion and moved into a new position at SECU (sarcastic thanks to the Dodd Frank Act 1073 being put into effect that made this possible/necessary).

I became an uncle twice! I now have 2 nephews: Wyatt (March 13th) and Luke (November 1st). They are a blessing.

Wyatt: wyatt
Luke: luke

And of course, I celebrated 4 years of marriage to my wife Lauren. Each year is better than the last. I can’t wait to see what next year will bring

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  1. Hey there! I challenge you to do ’50 Chunks of 2013’! check it out: http://sherylyangster.wordpress.com/2013/12/31/50-chunks-of-2013/ Happy new year!

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