Interviews with Andrew Peterson, Flame, and Josh Via

Here are 3 links to interviews I enjoyed (some old, some new) from a few different artists that I listen to. Links to their websites and music can be found in each interview so I didn’t bother posting them here too. Enjoy!

1. Andrew Peterson. I just recently started listening to him a few weeks ago when a friend introduced me to his music (thanks Dan!). He is one of the unique christian artists these days who has a firm grasp on making theology musically and lyrically beautiful together. Here is an interview by Robert Sagers and Evangel where he talks about art, music, writing, and community. I have yet to listen to his new CD, “Counting Stars”, but if it is anything like what I’ve heard so far I know that I won’t be disappointed.

2. Flame. This interview (also by Robert Sagers) answers some good questions about the irony of “christian rap” and some of Flame’s story about how he came to be a christian rapper. Some of the questions in the comments section are worth checking out also.

3. Josh Via. Josh is a worship leader at Journey Church in North Raleigh. He has sent some good musicians our way at Fellowship Raleigh and is just a real stellar dude. Here is the interview by Will Hughes .

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